Welcome to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

NEW 2023 Training Courses

Level 1. Part 1 & Part 2 (3-6 year olds) – 

Venue: St Jude’s Pastoral Centre, Templeogue, Dublin .
Formation Leader: Jo Culhane

Beginning January 2023. Friday evening 7.00pm to 9.30 pm; Saturday 9.00am – 4.30pm.

Week-ends January 27th -28th ; February 24th -25th ; March 24th -25th ;

None in April.

May 26th -27th ; June 23rd – 24th ; July 28th -29th ; August 25th – 26th ;

September 29th – 30th ; October 27th – 28th ; Nov 24th – 25th

Formation Courses attract various types of people- Parents, Religious, Priests, Teachers and Lay people interested in working with children in Catechesis.

Contact Jo Culhane.
Phone: 087-2662996
email: joculhane10@gmail.com.

Formation Courses attract various types of people interested in working with children in Catechesis. The courses attract parents, Religious , Priests and Teachers to this as well as lay people.

Welcome to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, an approach to the religious formation of children both spiritually and educationally for ages 3-12.years. It is grounded in Sacred Scripture, the Liturgy of the Church and the spiritual and educational principles of Dr Maria Montessori, the great Italian educator. It respects the relationship between God and the child and nourishes that relationship. Using concrete materials (such as 3D figures for the Infancy Narratives) the children are introduced to a biblical text or a liturgical moment. The essential truths are given in the catechesis for young children and then revised and expanded upon with the older children. In serving the relationship between the children and God, the catechist’s attitude must be humble, respectful, and observant.

The catechist plans the curriculum to coincide with the Liturgical Year, prepares the materials, maintains the environment in which the children work, and prepares herself to be with the children by her prayer and meditation preceding a session. During a session she presents material and spends an appropriate amount of time helping the children to enter into their reflections on the presentation.